Double Wall Paper Cups Forming Machine Features

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The functional characteristics of Double Wall Paper Cups forming Machine

Double-wall paper cup molding machine is made of chemical wood pulp (white board) for mechanical processing, bonding made a paper container, the appearance of the mouth cup.

Double Wall Paper Cups forming Machine use

For the use of frozen food cups painted wax, can be filled with ice cream, jam and butter and so on. Heating cups used to drink plastic, resistant to 90℃above the temperature, or even in full bloom water. Paper cups are characterized by safety and hygiene, light and convenient. Public places, restaurants, restaurants can be used, is a one-time items.


Double Wall Paper Cups forming Machine Features

1, the machine uses multi-station operation.

2, automatic feeding, sealing, filling, red at the end.

3, automatic heating, knurling, curling, rolling, discharge and so on.

Double Wall Paper Cups forming Machine Paper cup classification

Paper cups are divided into single-sided PE-coated paper cups and double-sided PE-coated paper cups.

Single-sided PE film cups: single-sided PE coated paper production of paper cups called single PE paper cups (domestic common market paper cups, advertising cups are mostly single-sided PE film cup), its performance: paper cups water There is a smooth PE lining.

Double-sided PE Lin Mo paper cup: double-sided PE coated paper production of paper cups called double-sided PE paper cups, in the form of: paper cups inside and outside have PE Lin Mo

Paper cup size: We measure the size of the paper cup in oz (OZ), for example: 9 ounces, 6.5 ounces, 7 ounces of paper cups on the market.

Oz (oz): ounce is a weight unit, here represents: 1 ounce weight equivalent to 28.34 milliliters of water weight, can be expressed as: 1 ounce (OZ) = 28.34 ml (ml) = 28.34 g (g) The

Paper cups: In the country, we call the cups of the size of 3--18 ounces (OZ), and the conventional paper cups can be produced on our LBZ-LI or LBZ-L Double Wall Paper Cups forming Machine.

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