Paper Plate Making Machine Common Faults And Handling

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Will be in line with the paper requirements of the pulp water suspension by the screen dehydration forming, mechanical extrusion dehydration and drying process and copied into paper machine. The papermaking machine includes three main parts of the forming, pressing and drying of the above process, and equipped with the necessary finishing, coiling and transmission, as well as slurry, slurry and white water circulation, vacuum, ventilation exhaust Paper handling and lubrication, automatic control and other auxiliary systems. The specifications of the paper machine are often expressed in terms of the width of the paper, the width of the copper mesh and the preferred working speed. Modern large paper machine copy width of up to 11m, the working speed of more than 1000m / min, Nissan paper amounted to hundreds of tons, the weight of the whole machinery more than 1,000 tons, up to 100 meters. In the general development of countries and some special paper production in the use of more for the small paper machine, the width of 1 ~ 3m, the working speed of tens of meters per minute to 200 meters.

Paper machine due to the operation of the process to withstand the high temperature and pressure, dryer head prone to wear phenomenon, resulting in equipment can not run. Drying of the dryer shaft The traditional method of repair is to repair the non-standard sets of repair, non-standard sets and the combination of shaft diameter prone to problems; dismantling machine repair, long duration, high cost. Over the years, companies can not find effective and rapid means of repair, the current domestic more mature rapid repair method of the main application of the United States and China - blessing blue polymer composite site on-site rapid repair, both repair and maintenance costs are far better than surfacing , Brush plating and other traditional repair methods, maintenance time fast, simple process, the lower cost. Fu Shi Lan polymer composite material not only ensure that its mating surface 100% contact, the material itself with the concession, so that the ability to withstand shock shock is far higher than the metal material can not be subordinated, while the bearing inner ring expansion and expansion Shrink, to minimize the possibility of wear, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment to achieve even beyond the normal use of the cycle.

Repair method

Paper making enterprises dryer head wear phenomenon is more common, seriously affecting the normal production of enterprises. Enterprises in order to avoid the damage caused by demolition repair, often using non-standard sets of methods to solve the repair effect is not ideal for serious wear and tear of the shaft, it is not resolved. The main reason is: the wear of the shaft head lead to irregular parts of the wear and tear surface, so that the contact with the non-standard sets of contact area greatly reduced, the formation of line contact and even point contact in the equipment under the action of shock, resulting in stress concentration , Resulting in re-wear of the shaft head. And the use of the United States and China - blessing blue 2211F metal repair materials on-site repair, not only to ensure that its contact with 100% contact, the material itself has the concession, so that the ability to shock the shock is much higher than the metal material can not be allowed, while With the expansion and contraction of the inner bearing expansion and contraction, to minimize the possibility of wear and tear to ensure that the normal operation of the equipment to achieve even beyond the normal use of the cycle.

Method of operation:

1, mold processing: the production of standard off the mold (bilateral or unilateral positioning);

2, surface treatment: to oil, grinding, cleaning, to ensure that the surface clean, dry, strong;

3, to reconcile the material: Proportional reconciliation blessing blue 2211F metal repair materials, to reconcile even no color

4, smear materials: to ensure that bonding, filling and thickness;

5, the installation of mold: brushing 803 release agent, the installation of fixed, to ensure that excess material is squeezed out;

6, stripping: curing, the demolition of the mold will clean up the excess material, the material can not be tapping, can be polished, rasp and other tools to clear, to meet the installation requirements.

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