Raw Materials(PE Coated Paper informations)

Date:2019-11-15 Views:1144

Filtered film paper is used to make dishwares:it It means that the unpoisonous PVC paper is drenched on the paper's surface one side or two, the weights of filtered film paper is reckoned according to the weights of one coating PVC added 18 gsm paper. 
Filtered film paper is composite of the imported paper and the native paper. At quality native paper is nearly equal to improted paper, at price it is less than improted.paper,So native paper is used at the market presently (Except that the customer especially appointed). The main specification of the native filtered film paper and double side coating is between 150gsm and 300gsm at the market. Our paper cup equipment suits the filtered film paper of 150gsm ―― 400gsm.  The paper bowl equipment suits the paper of 250gsm ―― 4000gsm, and food box machine suits 300gsm ―― 400gsm,it can product 100 000~336 000 pieces paper cups per ton paper, 85 000~12 000 pieces paper bowels,and 55 000~80 000 pieces snack boxes(Quantity relate to the printing typeset,mould cutting,calculation according to specification paper), Native paper quotation: 6800~7500¥/ton(It is changeable at different time)

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